How To Cut Your Own Hair at Home With Hair Clipper (for men)?

Cutting your hair at home can be beneficial if you want to save some extra money or time by not going to the salon or the barbershop as often. It can also be efficient to freshen up your haircut at home if you just want to make it look cleaner for a specific event or whatever reason. Cutting your hair at home has its pros and cones. We’ve already talked about the benefits but what about the cons? Probably the major negative of cutting your hair at home is that it has a learning curve and the first few times when cutting your hair you might not have the best haircut but eventually you are gonna learn and give yourself the haircut you want.

You’ve decided to cut your hair at home but before you do anything, realise that you shouldn’t rush with this process. After all, we want the best haircut possible. Now let’s look at the tools you’ll need. Depending on the desired hairstyle, the tools you use may vary. Of course, you need to have a best hair clipper with a few attachments. Then you’ll possibly need a comb and scissors and another thing you are definitely going to need is a handheld mirror.

How To Cut Your Own Hair

The first step is to part your hair. Meaning to separate the top from the sides by wetting the hair a little bit and distinguishing with the comb. Next, you need to put the longest attachment on your clippers and start fading the sides. The technique you wanna use when fading your sides is to go up and out. This gives you a more natural fading and it doesn’t look choppy. Of course, it depends on how much you want to be taken off but this is the general rule you wanna follow. (more…)

Philips RQ1180cc Gyroflex 2D Electric Shaver

Today, we’re looking at the Philips RQ1180cc Gyroflex 2D Electric Shaver. Previously, we were really impressed with the Sensotouch range; the Philips RQ1250 in particular is good. The RQ1180, which we reviewed previously, is also a great shaver and if you haven’t checked out our review yet you might want to head over there and take a look. The RQ1180cc is the same great shaver as the RQ1180. However, this is the updated version which also includes a Philips’ “Clean and Charge JetClean” stand.

The Philips RQ1180cc Clean and Charge JetClean system is a charging station for you to dock the shaver into. The difference with this charging station, is that it also has an automatic cleaning facility. At the push of a button it will clean, lubricate and dry the shaver all on its own! This means you don’t have to waste your time fumbling around with a tiny plastic cleaning brush any more. As part of the cleaning cycle, the Clean and Charge stand also takes care of the blades, making sure they’re well lubricated and always ready to give a great shave every time.

The Philips RQ1180cc shaver itself remains extremely similar to the Philips RQ1180; the only real difference in this package is the inclusion of the charging stand. However, we’ll quickly summarise the key points here again in case you haven’t read our previous review.

The RQ1180cc is rotary electric shaver, and benefits from Philips’ dual-blade Super Lift and Cut technology. Within each head there are two blades; the first blade lifts each hair gently from your skin, and the second blade cuts it. This means that the hair is getting trimmed off lower than with other shavers, due to it being lifted up and away from the skin first.

The shaver is fully waterproof, thanks to Philips’ Aquatec seal. This mean two big benefits. First, it gives you the flexibility to choose either a wet or dry shave. If you do prefer to shave using a foam or gel, the Philips RQ1180cc can handle that; in fact, you could even shave in the shower if you wanted. Second, this waterproofing makes the shaver very simple to clean; you just flip open the head and run it under the tap after shaving.

Also included is Gyroflex 2D technology, which is designed to help the shaver adjust to the natural shape and contours of the neck and skin. As you move the shaver across your skin, the head adjusts its position and shape according the curvature of the face. What this does is reduce the pressure and friction against your skin that is caused by the hard metal and plastic of the shaver head. With less pressure, there is less friction, and with less friction the chances are you’re going to experience far less skin irritation; a god send for those who suffer with sensitive skin. (more…)

Philips PowerTouch vs AquaTouch – Which Is Best?

Philips recently overhauled their entire range of electric shavers, introducing several new products lines including the PowerTouch and AquaTouch ranges. The PowerTouch PT920 and AquaTouch AT890 quickly flew off the shelves, and they are currently the two top selling selling electric shavers in the UK. People often ask for advice about which of these models they should buy, and in this article we’ll take a look at both to see if we can figure out which shaver is better.

The Obvious Difference

The first thing that you should note, is the obvious difference between these models. While the PowerTouch Pro PT920 is a dry shaver, the AquaTouch is fully waterproof and can provide either a dry shave, or a wet shave using your favorite foam or gel.

So is there much of a difference between a wet and a dry shave? The answer is, not in terms of the closeness of the shave (that’s all about the shaver technology). However, most men do have a preference. Some find that wet shaving reduces the amount of skin irritation that occurs, whilst others find that a dry shave simply leaves their skin feeling dry. It really comes down to personal preference, so you’ll know from experience whether wet shaving or dry shaving is preferable to yourself.

Battery Life

One of the most important features of modern shavers, is the ability to shave wirelessly by powering the shaver with a rechargeable battery. This is a great feature for those of us who don’t have a power outlet in the bathroom, and especially for men who travel frequently.

The batteries of the PT920 and AT890 are very similar. Both take just 1 hour to charge to full capacity. Even more handy, is the fact that both models also have a 3 minute quick charging feature. This means that if the battery is dead, you can charge it just enough for one full shaver within 3 minutes. As any man who’s found their shaver battery dead just before an important meeting can attest to, this feature could well be a life-saver.

In terms of battery capacity the PowerTouch PT920 has a slight advantage, offering 60 minutes battery life compared to the 50 minutes that you’ll get out of the AT890. It’s only a small difference, but does mean that the PT920 can give you an extra shave which could be handy for men who do a lot of traveling; every little helps in that situation!

Shaving Technology in The PowerTouch PT920

When it comes to shaving, the Powertouch Pro PT920 is generally more advanced than the Aquatouch.

One of the major advantages of the PT920 is the fact that it is triple-track. This gives the shaver around 50% more shaving surface, allowing it to cover more of the skin and capture more hairs with each stroke. Ultimately this means that you’ll need to spend less time shaving, as the shaver will catch more hairs each time. This is a major advantage that the PT920 has over the Aquatouch.

Another thing that the PT920 has that is lacking in the Aquatouch, is its SmartPivot technology. The heads don’t just flex in and out, but they also pivot about the base. This allows the shaver head to follow the contours of your skin more precisely, thus reducing friction. Less friction means less skin irritation.

The PT920 also comes with a charging stand, and a travel pouch.

Shaving Technology in the Aquatouch AT890

Apart from the fact that it is fully waterproof, the Aquatouch is quite a bit simpler than the excellent PT920. In fact, the PT920’s shaving technology beats it hands down; the Aquatouch has little to offer in terms of shaving over the PT920. (more…)

Philips Powertouch PT720 Electric Shaver Review

The Philips Powertouch PT720 electric shaver is the cheapest in Philips’ new Powertouch range, and might well be the place to turn to if you just want a simple shaver. The Philips Powertouch Pro PT920 that we reviewed last month was excellent. The PT720 is definitely more on the basic side for an electric shaver, so we’re wondering if it can really hold up when compared against the PT920. First we’ll take a look at what the PT720 has to offer, then we’ll find out how it performs!
As I mentioned, the Philips Powertouch PT720 is not a flashy shaver by any means. Philips have very much stuck to the basics here, and that’s reflected in the price. Online, the PT720 can be had for well under £40. So what’s it got under the hood?
First off, the Philips PT720 is packing Philips’ own patented Super Lift and Cut technology. This means that the shaver heads in the 720 are dual bladed. The first blade gently lifts each hair away from the skin, while the second blade cuts. It’s an excellent shaving technology that most Philips shavers have built in, and generally receives very good remarks about the close shave that it provides.
The Powertouch PT720 also has the dynamic contour-following technology built in as the PT920. This means that the shaver heads can pivot around the full spectrum of movement, in order to adapt the shape of your skin, face and neck. Following the curves of your features helps to maintain optimum contact between the shaver and skin, helping the shaver to cut closely and also reducing friction, and skin burn.

Also built into the Philips Powertouch PT720 is a “QuickRinse System”. This simply means that the shaver can be washed in water. This makes it easy to clean after shaving; simply pop open the head and run it under the hot tap after shaving.
The battery in the Philips PT720 is Lithium Ion. This means that the shaver won’t slow down as the battery runs out of juice; instead it will continue to operate at the same speed and power until the second the battery runs out. It will last for up to 40 minutes, and it takes around 8 hours to give it a single charge.
We found that most electric shavers were cheapest at, including the Philips Powertouch PT720 which is currently available for 36% off. (more…)

Philips PowerTouch Plus PT870cc with Clean and Charge System Review

We’re taking a look at another shaver in Philips’ new PowerTouch range today, the Philips PowerTouch PT870cc electric shaver. This shaver is almost the same as the excellent PowerTouch Pro PT920 that we recently reviewed, with the addition of a “Clean and Charge System” which is a docking station that self-cleans and chargers the shaver at the touch of a button.
Given that we were impressed with the PT920 we have high hopes for the PT870cc, so without further ado let’s take a look at what it’s got to offer.
The PowerTouch Plus PT870cc has ultra-thin shaver heads with DualPrecision cutting. This means that each head incorporates slots to capture long hairs and cut them, and also smaller holes which take care of shorter stubble. This combination is intended to make sure that all hairs on the face are captures and fed into the blades.
Included in the PT870cc is Philips’ patented Super Lift and Cut system. As we’ve covered in previous reviews, this means that each shaver head has twin blades. The first blade lifts each hair gently from the skin to ensure that the second blade, which cuts, shaves as close as possible. Generally, customers have spoken very highly of the closeness of the shave they get with Philips shavers, so it’s an effective feature that is certainly a welcome addition in the PT870cc.
Also included is Philips’ SmartPivot technology. This means that the heads are able to flex and swivel through a full range of motion. As you pass the shaver across your face, the idea is that the heads yield and adjust to the shape and contours of the face. The result is maximum contact between the shaver heads and your skin, giving a faster shave and eliminating the need to cover the same area twice. Another benefit of this is a reduction in friction, which means less chance of experiencing skin problems after shaving.
As mentioned, the charging station for the Philips PowerTouch Plus PT870cc doubles as a self-cleaning system. After shaving, simply drop the shaver into the station. Then, at the touch of a button, the shaver will be washed, dried, lubricated and charged automatically. A special Philips cleaning solution is required, which costs roughy £5 per bottle. The head is also waterproof, and can therefore be cleaned by running under a tap too, if that is what you prefer.
Finally, as with other PowerTouch shavers, the PT870cc has an advanced long life battery, with a multi-purpose display. It’s quick charging, which means that the shaver can be given a full charge in around 1 hour. A full charge provides around 50 minutes shave time. If you’re short on time, it also has a quick charging feature which means you can get enough power for a full shave with just 5 minutes of charge time.
We found that most shavers were cheapest at, including the PowerTouch PT870cc which is currently available for 46% off.

Philips PowerTouch Plus PT870cc Features and Specification

Ultra-thin shaver heads with slots and holes to capture different hair types
• Super Lift and Cut technology – dual-blades for closer shaving
• SmartPivot technology – Flexible shaver heads follow facial contours and reduce shaving time, friction and skin irritation
• Clean and Charge System – cleans, dries, lubricates and charges the shaver automatically at the touch of a button
• Quick charging battery – 1 hour charge gives 50 minutes of battery life

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PowerTouch PT870cc vs PT920

As we mentioned, the PT870cc is almost exactly the same as the PT920 that we reviewed previous. So what are the differences?
The most obvious change is the inclusion of the Clean and Charge docking station which comes with the PT870cc. This is not included with the PT920, so if you want this feature you must go with the PT870cc. Of course, this feature does come at a premium though, so you’ll need to spend around £30 extra.
The shaver itself is very similar in both operation and design to the PT920, however there are some key differences which are worth bearing in mind.
First, the battery of the PT920 holds an extra 10 minutes charge, so on a full charge will provide a full hour’s shaving time (as opposed to the 50 minutes offered by the PT870cc). This isn’t a huge difference, but it does mean that you’ll get an extra shave out of the PT920 before the battery runs out, which could make it a better choice than the PT870cc for men who travel often.
Another difference is that the PT870cc lacks the additional track of the triple track PT920. This means that the PT920 has 50% more shaving surface than the PT870cc and therefore can provide you with a faster shave, as it tackles more facial hairs at a time.

Philips PowerTouch PT870cc Customer Feedback and Reviews

The PT870cc is a very new addition to the Philips electric shaver range, and as such there is not a huge amount of customer feedback available as yet. However, the feedback that is available is extremely positive. Given that the PT870cc is almost the same as the PT920, you can factor the excellent feedback for that shaver into the equation as well.
Of the feedback that is available, it’s almost all positive. All customers who’d gave feedback about the PT870cc agreed that it gives an excellent close shave, leaving the skin feeling smooth.
As we expected, customers also appreciated the Lithium battery, and were very impressed with the battery life. The quick charging was appreciated too (as we’ve found before, people who forget to charge the battery love the 5 minute quick-charge feature).
The only negative that we found was regarding the Clean and Charge system. Whilst customers found that it worked very well, and left the shaver very clean, it was mentioned on a number of occasions that the instructions for setting it up were not very easy to understand. Also, if it is tipped or moved upside down the cleaning solution can leak out of the unit.
46% Off at
As we’d expected, due to its similarity with the PT920, the Philips PowerTouch Plus PT870cc is a great performing shaver with an excellent battery life. We have absolutely no problem recommending this shaver, but before you buy it, you should ask yourself whether you foresee actually using the automatic cleaning system. If automatic cleaning is important to you, then go ahead; we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. If, however, you feel you’d be happy to simply run your shaver under the tap to clean, we’d recommend that you give the PT870cc a miss and go with the PowerTouch Pro PT920 (which also identical, if slightly more advanced, without the Clean and Charge system). That said, the PT870cc is a solid shaver and the Clean and Charge system genuinely useful to most people; 4 stars.

Philips PowerTouch Plus PT870cc Review Summary

The Good
• Gives an excellent, close shave
• Very good battery life
• Very quick charging (1 hour charge gives 50 minutes battery life)
• Quick charge feature (5 minute charge gives enough power for a single shave)
• Clean and Charge system works well, leaving the shaver shiny and clean
The Bad
• Instructions for Clean and Charge system a bit unclear, however once set up is very easy to run
• Cleaning solution needs to be bought separately, but is available for just £5


Philips AT890 Aquatouch Wet and Dry Review

The Philips Aquatouch AT890 Wet and Dry Electric Shaveris another of Philips brand new shavers, and this one is for those of your who prefer to have a wet shave. We liked the back-to-basics approach that Philips seemed to have taken with the PowerTouch PT920 and it looks like this has carried over the AT890. Instead of packing it full of features, gimmicks and extras they seem to have concentrated on those neccessary for shaving; cutting, battery life, and comfort.
As I’ve said, the Philips AquaTouch AT890 is the shaver in their new range that will appeal to men who like to have a wet shave with a foam or gel. Previously, Philips reserved wet shaving for their more expensive shavers such as the Philips RQ1180, however the Aquatouch is a mid-range shaver available at half that price. Good news for men who like to shave with foam or gel.
It includes an AquaTouch seal which makes the shaver 100% waterproof. A lot of guys find that shaving with a foam or gel helps to protect their sensitive skin when shaving, and the AT890 allows this; you can shave in or out of the shower, dry shave if you just want a quick shave, or have a full wet shave if that’s what you prefer.
The Philips AT890 also includes rounded low-friction protected shaver heads in order to avoid irritating your skin. The shaver heads adjust as you pass the shaver across your skin, adjusting to the contours of your skin and shape of your face. This causes less friction to occur, which in turn means that you’ll experience less skin irritation. Further protecting the skin, are protection caps that cover the cutters so that the ultra-thin heads do not damage your skin.
In terms of cutting, the Philips AT890 includes Philips’ excellent Super Lift and Cut system. This means that each head has two blades; one blade gently lifts up each hair from your skin so that the second blade can cut it as low as possible. This helps the AT890 to cut as close to the skin as possible.
A new feature included in the AT890 is what Philips call dual precision cutting. They’ve included slots and holes directly on the blades in order to capture short as well as long stubble that might otherwise be missed.
The Philips AT890 also includes an efficient power system and long lasting battery. It’s very quick to charge, and will receive a full charge in just 1 hour. That 1 hour’s charging will provide 50 minutes shaving time; enough for around 2 weeks worth of shaves. No more getting caught with a run down shaver battery in the morning!
The shaver also has a battery indicator built into the handset, and a pop-out trimmer. It also comes complete with a unique hanging shower pouch, which you can use to hang up the Philips AT890 in the shower.
We found that most electric shavers were cheapest at, including the Philips Aquatouch AT890 which is currently available for 40% off.

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Philips AT890 Features and Specifications

• Aquatouch seal – 100% waterproof. Shave in shower and use a foam or gel
• Rounded low-friction shaver heads adjust to the contours of the skin reducing irritation
• Super Lift and Cut – dual blade technology for close shaving
• Dual precision cutting – holes and slots directly on the cutters capture short and long hairs that get missed
• Quick and efficient battery – 1 hour charging for 50 minutes of shaving
• 2 year warranty

Philips Aquatouch AT890 Customer Reviews and Feedback

Although the Philips Aquatouch AT890 is still relatively new, therre are already a fair few customer comments and reviews for it. So far, there are no negative reviews at all and it seems that almost all of the customers that have commented are very happy with their purchase. As we pointed out at the beginning of this review, Philips seems to have concentrated on the basics here; close cutting, gentleness and battery life so we’ll take a look at what people had to say in these three areas.
From what the customers have had to say, it seems that the Philips AT890 excels in the area that it’s intended for; wet shaving. Almost all of the reviews mentioned that the AT890 works very well when being used for a wet shave, giving a close finish without any tugging or damage to the skin. It seems that if you do like to use foam or gel when shaving or if you find that dry electric shavers can irritate your skin when shaving, then this shaver is a good option.
Many of the reviewers mentioned that they were happy with the results of shaving with the AT890.
The shaver reportedly also does a good job of protecting the skin from irritation and shaver burn, particularly when used with a foam or gel. In fact, quite a lot of the reviews made a point of noting that they experienced no burn or irritation after their shave which is definitely a good sign for those men who suffer with sensitive skin.
A few of the reviews went into further detail, explaining that they’d never tried a wet electric shaver before, and were quite surprised at how much my comfortable they were than dry electric shavers. They reported that the Aquatouch didn’t pull at the skin, or tear or dry the skin either.
Customers were also very impressed with the battery life and efficiency, reporting that the 1 hour charge does indeed give enough juice for close to 14 full shaves.
The efficiency of the battery in the Philips AT890 might well have something to do with the motor, which is apparently extremely quiet. In fact it is so quiet that on review thought that the battery had run out when he turned it on! Quiteness isn’t really high on our list of priorities, but since shaving is a bit dull it’s good to know that you’ll be able to hear your iPod above the motor!
As far as the negatives are concerned, not many were mentioned. The most common one, although it still wasn’t mentioned many times, was that a few people felt that the shaver provided better results when wet shaving instead of dry shaving. Although, since the main focus of this shaver is wet shaving this probably isn’t altogether surprising!
40% off at
If you like to shave with a foam or gel then the Philips Aquatouch AT890 looks like it could well be the shaver for you; it works very well was a wet shaver and customers seem to be really happy with it in this regard. If you favour a dry shave, we’d recommend you go for something else, such as the PowerTouch PT920 but if you prefer a wet shave, or simply want to have more choices then the Philips AT890 is definitely a good, cost-effective wet and dry shaver to go for 4 stars.

Philips Aquatouch AT890 Wet and Dry Review Summary

The Good
• Shaves well particularly when used with a foam or gel
• Gentle – customers experience no tugging or irritation
• Extremely quiet – one customer couldn’t even hear the motor!
• Good quality efficient battery
The Bad
• < Less effective as a dry shaver, but to be fair the primary focus of the AT890 is wet shaving/li>


Braun Series 7 790cc Rechargeable Foil Shaver Review

The Braun Series 7 790cc Foil Electric Shaver has gone through quite a lot of different versions in its time; it’s one fo the most popular shavers around and introduced the Clean and Renew system which automatically cleans and lubricates the shaver at the touch of button. Today, we’re going to take a look at the latest version of the Braun 790cc. Let’s take a look at what this newer version has to offer.
The Braun Series 7 790cc includes Braun’s new Sonic Micro-vibration technology. The shaver creates 10,000 micro-vibrations per second which smooth the skin as you shave in order to cause less friction between the foil and your skin. Less friction means less skin irritation during and after shaving. These micro-vibrations also help the shaver to capture more hairs at the same, in order to provide as close a shave as possible.
One of the problems that electric shavers tend to face is the fact that men’s faces tend to have different types and lengths of hair, and several areas of the face have flat lying hair that can be difficult for an electric shaver to catch. The Braun 790cc deals with this by providing 3 personalised shaving modes; normal, sensitive and intensive. These modes can be mixed and matched to different areas of the face to personalise your shave to your personal beard and skin.
The Braun Series 7 790cc also includes Braun’s patented ActiveLift technology. This means that the middle trimmer makes 130 movements per second in order to lift and cut flat lying hair (such as on the neck area). The shaver is designed to capture problem hair in any area.
Also included is Braun’s popular Clean and Renew system. At the touch of a button, the Braun 790cc cleans, charges, lubricates and dries itself, killing 99.9% of germs. The shaver is also fully waterproof and can be cleaned by running under the tap, however the Clean and Renew system is 10 times more hygienic. The 790 also includes a new FastClean mode, which gives the shaver a quick 25 second clean, leaving it smelling fresh with a lemon scent.
The battery is quick to charge, and can be given a full charge in just 1 hour, offering 50 minutes shaving time. Let’s face it, we often forget to put our shavers on charge, and if this happens a quick 5 minute charge will give you enough power for 1 full shave.
Another unique feature is the included worldwide Smartplug. This international plug automatically adjusts to the correct voltage for the country that you are using it in, for convenient traveling.
We found that most electric shavers were cheapest on, including the Braun Series 7 790cc which is currently available for 38%.

Braun Series 7 790cc Features and Specifications

• Sonic Micro-Vibration technology – 10,000 micro-vibrations per second smooth skin while shaving for less skin irritation
• 3 personalised shaving modes to adjust shave to your beard and skin
• ActiveLift technology – lifts and cuts flat lying problem hair
• Clean and Renew system – automatically cleans, charges, lubricates and dries. Killing 99.9% of germs
• FastClean mode – provides a fast 25 second clean and clean lemon scent
• Quick charge battery – 1 hour charge for 50 minutes shaving time
• International SmartPlug – automatically adjust to the correct voltage for convenient traveling

Braun Series 7 790cc Customer Reviews and Opinions

Simply put, the Braun Series 7 790cc is a very popular electric shaver. Of all the customer reviews of this shaver, around 95% of them are from positive and happy customers. That’s quite a testimonial! Let’s take a look at what people have been saying.
The first thing to notice, is that almost every customer who has reviewed the Braun 790cc has stated that they find the quality of the shave that this shaver gives to be very good. Several people commented that they find it almost as good as a wet shave with a razor blade, and is close enough to last all day. A lot of people went as far to state that the Braun Series 7 790cc was the best electric shaver that they’d ever used, and could provide a closer and quicker shave that other shavers.
A lot of customers also mentioned that the Braun Series 7 790cc was indeed much more gentle on the skin than other electric shavers. People who suffered with sensitive skin and irritation with other shavers were very happy with the irritation-free experience that they had with the 790cc. Several customers mentioned that since they got hold a 790cc that they’d given up on wet shaving altogether, since the shaver could give a close and irritation-free shave.
As we expected, people also praised the Clean and Renew system (we’d previously found this feature to be very popular on other Braun shavers). While you do have the option to run the Braun Series 7 790cc under a tap to it clean if you wish, a lot of people said they much preferred the Clean and Renew system which also leaves the shaver with a clean lemon scent.
Another positive point, which is a very useful feature but got a bit overshadowed by the rave comments about the shaving quality, is the fast battery charging. Quite a few customers appreciated that they could charge up the Braun 790cc for a full shave in just 5 minutes – we often to forget to charge our shavers, and being able to charge it this quickly for a shave means you won’t be caught without a shave in the morning if the battery runs out.
There were very few negative comments about the 790cc; in fact, there were hardly any unhappy customers. No patterns emerged in terms of negative comments or problems with the shaver, and we found it very hard to pinpoint any criticisms with it at all. One thing that was mentioned a few times was that people felt that the cost of the shaver was very high. This, however, is no longer an issue since it is now available at a big discount of almost 50% off! If you want to save more still, perhaps you should take a look at the Braun Series 3 390cc, another great foil shaver from Braun.
38% off at
The Braun Series 7 790cc deserves top marks, plain and simple. Almost every customer has given it their thumbs up, it gives as close a shave as you can get from an electric shaver, it deals gently with the skin preventing irritation, and it even cleans itself! The lack of any negative comments, and the fact that it is now available for almost 50% off means this shaver most certainly has our vote. If you’re looking for the Rolls Royce of electric shavers, look no further; the Braun 790cc is it. 5 stars!

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Braun Series 7 790cc Rechargeable Foil Shaver Review Summary

The Good
• Probably the best shave an electric shaver can provide
• Gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause irritation
• Cleans itself!
• Quick charging battery – just 5 minutes charge gives a full shave
• Now available for almost 50% off
The Bad
• Some people found it expensive, but that was before it was available for 50% off!


Braun Series 3 390cc 4 Electric Rechargeable Foil Shaver Review

Today we’re taking a look at a foil shaver from Braun, the Braun Series 3 390cc 4 Foil Electric Shaver. While Philips shavers tend to be the best selling on the market, the Braun series of electric shavers is also very well respected. The Braun Series 7 790cc that we recently took at look at received a glowing review, so we’ve got high hopes for the Braun 390cc. First we’ll take a look at what this shaver has to offer, and then we’ll move on to take a look at what people are saying about it.
The Braun Series 3 390cc is designed to cause minimise skin irritation by cutting long hairs properly, instead of pulling at them like some electric shavers tend to do. Braun have included what they call their Triple Action FreeFloat System. This means that the shaver has three independent blades; two foils and a middle trimmer. The first foil shaves shorter stubble, the middle trimmer captures and cuts longer hairs, and the second foil cuts the rest down as closely as possible. This three step system means that the Braun Series 3 390cc doesn’t tug at the hair, and therefore irritates the skin much less.
Each of these blades can move around independently of the others. This means that the heads on the Braun 390cc have the freedom to adapt to the shape of your face. This causes less friction, and ultimately less skin irritation.
The Braun Series 3 390cc is easy to clean, and can simply be run under a tap to clean. It also has a built-in cleaning system, which Braun call it’s Clean and Renew system. This is a push button cleaning mechanism which cleans, lubricates, dries and then charges the shaver with one button press.
The Braun 390cc also has an LED ‘Show and Tell’ display with the usually battery-life indicator, but uniquely, the display will also advise when it is time to clean the shaver, and even when it requires replacement parts.
The battery takes just 1 hour to get to full charge, and you have 45 minutes of shave time in a single charge. We’ve found in the past that customers really appreciate quick charging times, so we’ll definitely take a look at what people have been saying about the battery life of the 390cc. The quick charging, long battery life, and the inclusion of a soft carry case makes this look like a good package for anyone who travels a lot.
The Braun Series 3 390cc rounds off the package with an ergonomic design for comfortable use, and a two year manufacturers warranty.
We found that almost all electric shavers are cheapest at, including the Braun Series 3 390cc which is currently available for 70% off.

Braun Series 3 390cc Features and Specifications

• Triple-bladed – independent blades trim hairs without tugging, causing less skin irritation
• FreeFloat System – independently floating blades adjust to shape of skin to cause less irritation
• Clean and Renew System – automatically cleans, lubricates and charges the shaver with one button press
• Show and Tell Display advises when to charge, clean and replace parts
• Quick charging battery – 1 hour charge gives 45 minutes of shaving time
• Suitable for travel – soft case included
• 2 year manufacturers warranty

Braun Series 3 390cc Customer Reviews and Feedback

The Braun Series 3 390cc has been a popular and well selling product, so there are a lot of customer reviews and opinions available. Having examined them, we can report that over 83% of customers were very happy with this electric shaver. Let’s take a look and see what the good and bad points were.
One of the first things that we noticed about the Braun 390cc shaver was quite a surprise to us, and that is the Clean and Renew system. To be honest, we had set out thinking this was just a gimmick, but actually almost every customer mentioned that it is excellent. In fact, this automatic cleaning system is so well regarded, that even the minority of customers who gave the 390cc a bad review sang it’s praises. By all accounts, the Clean and Renew system leaves the shaver exceptionally clean and fresh smelling every time, and was a much appreciated feature.
Another thing that the majority of reviewers mentioned was that, as advertised, the Braun 390cc doesn’t tug or pull at hairs as much as other shavers. People with sensitive skin particularly appreciated this, and actually, quite a number of customers mentioned that they felt the 390cc gave them a comfortable shaver, and that their skin was indeed far less irritated than they’d experienced with other shavers.
Almost all the positive reviews also mentioned that the closeness of the shave that they experienced with the 390cc was very good. Quite a few people felt that it was the closest shave they’d had from an electric shaver, and something approaching the closeness of a wet shave with a razor blade, if you shave with it every day. As the 390cc is a foil shaver, people also appreciated the fact that the recommended shaving technique is to move the shaver up and down the skin, rather than the more uncomfortable circular motion required of rotary shavers.
As mentioned, the vast majority of reviews for the 390cc were very positive. The few negative reviews seems to be from the minority of men who had problems with the closeness of the shave. The trend that appeared to emerge from taking in these few negative reviews, was that they tended to be from men whose stubble grows in many different directions. It seems that, unfortunately, the Braun 390cc wasn’t very effective for them (although most of them mentioned that most electric shavers couldn’t cope with the job). So, if you do have stubble which lies in many different directions, you might like to stick with wet shaving, or try out a rotary shaver such as the Philips RQ1180 instead.
Some minor points that were also mentioned was that the charging/cleaning station was quite big and bulky, although since almost everyone sang the praises of the cleaning feature we don’t think this is too much of a problem, and certainly shouldn’t put you off the 390cc at all!
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The Braun Series 3 390cc seems to be a very good shaver, with a lot of people mentioning that they felt that it’s foils were gentle and comfortable on sensitive skin, causing less irritation than other electric shavers. While the automatic cleaning system might sound gimmicky, in practice this is an efficient and effective feature that almost every customer really liked. The only thing keeping this shaver from getting top marks, is that it might not be suitable for the minority of men whose stubble grows out in erratic directions. That said, for the majority of men the Braun 390cc comes well recommended. 4 stars from us!

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Braun Series 3 390cc Electric Shaver Review Summary

The Good
• Close shave not too far off the closeness of a wet shave if used daily
• Comfortable and many people with sensitive skin report less skin irritation
• Very good automatic cleaning system leaves the shaver clean and fresh smelling
• Doesn’t pull or tug at hairs as much as other shavers
• Easy and comfortable up and down shaving motion
The Bad
• Might not be suitable for the minority of men with stubble which grows in erratic directions, although the majority of men found the shave very good
• Cleaning station is a bit on the bulky side, but given it’s usefulness we don’t think this is a massive issue.


Braun Series 3 380s-4 Rechargeable Wet & Dry Foil Shaver Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Braun Series 3 380s-4 Wet & Dry Shaver, the bigger brother of the the Braun 340shaver which we reviewed several months ago are were very impressed with. For the most part, the Braun 380 is identical to the 340 model, but there are some minor differences which we’ll go through later. First off, we’ll recap the major features of the 380 briefly (although do remember to check out our Braun 340s-4 review for a detailed look).
The Braun 380 contains the same Triple action cutting system as the 340 model. There are two foils in the head, which enclose a middle trimmer. These blades cut each hair progressively closer in turn, in order to achieve a close shave.
Each of these cutting blades is also part of Braun’s “freefloat system”, making them independently moving elements. This allows them to adapt to all of the contours of the face, and reduce friction between the shaver and your skin. This helps to minimise skin irritation. Braun claim that the 380s-4 will cause around 30% less irritation in the neck area than you’d experience with rotary shavers.
The shaver is fully waterproof and can be used with a foam or gel if desired, and even in the shower. It’s also washable, which means you can simply run it under the tap once you’ve finished to give it a clean. It also has a pop out trimmer for precision jobs such as shaping the sideburns.
The Braun 380 also comes with a quick charging battery, which can be given a full charge in around 60 minutes. The shaver will run for 45 minutes on a full charge, and has a 5 minute quick charge feature; plug it in for just 5 minutes to get enough battery power for a single shave.

Braun 380 vs Braun 340 – The Differences

Whilst the guts of the 380s-4 are very similar to the 340s-4 there are a few added extras in the 380 model that are worth noting.
The 380 includes a head lock, which you can use to stop the shaver head from moving. The idea is that you can lock the head when you need to be more precise in tricky areas.
Whilst both the 380s-4 and the 340s-4 both have LED battery level displays, the Braun 380 has a 3 stage level (an extra indicator level when compared to the 340).
Finally, the 380 model also comes with a soft travel pouch in the box, whereas the 340s-4 doesn’t come with any travel case at all.
There is also a minor cosmetic difference the trim surrounding the shaver head and power button on the 380s-4 is silver, compared with the 340’s black trim.
As you can see, the differences are relatively minor and in some cases cosmetic only; although we welcome the addition of a travel pouch with this shaver which we felt was a bit of an oversight in the 340 model.
We found that most electric shavers were cheapest at, including the Braun 380s-4 which is currently available for 50% off.

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Braun Series 3 380s-4 Features and Specifications

• Triple Action Cutting System – 3 stage cutting system cuts gently and close
• Triple Action Freefloat System – 3 independently moving shaver elements adjust to your face shape, causing less friction and irritation
• Quick charging battery – 1 hour charge gives 45 minutes shaving time
• Locking mechanism locks shaver head in place for tackling tricky precision areas
• Pop out trimmer
• Travel pouch
• 2 years manufacturers warranty

Braun 380 Customer Reviews and Feedback

Whilst this is a relatively new shaver, there are already quite a few customer reviews and remarks available online as it’s been selling very well. Currently over 97% of customers gave the Series 3 380 a positive review of 3 stars or above. The early signs definitely show a high level of satisfaction with this shaver. This isn’t a surprise though since it’s so similar to the Braun 340s-4, which we’ve already reviewed and found to have a very good customer satisfaction rate. So what in particular did people like about the 380?
As we expected, quite a number of men were very pleased with the gentleness of the shaver. Many customers specifically mentioned that it gave them an irritation free shave, and several customers who had previously suffered with irritated skin from shaving found that the Braun 380 caused little or no irritation on their skin. If you do suffer with sensitive skin, you should definitely take a serious look at this shaver.
People were generally very happy with the closeness of the shave that they get from the 380s-4. Usage ranged from men who liked to use it as a quick way to touch up before an important meeting, to men who used it as their primary shaver. All seemed to agree that it gave a decent level of shaving for an electric shaver; even some men with thick stubble commented that it did a good job for them.
In terms of the ergonomics of the 380, this was another area which was mentioned quite a few times. Several customers pointed out that the 380s was light and easy to hold, and handle whilst shaving. It was also pointed out that it is a very quiet shaver, which in these days of iPhones, iPods and tablets makes it a lot easier to listen to some music or watch a movie in the bathroom whilst you’re having your shave.
As pointed out earlier, negative reviews of the Braun 380 were very thin on the ground. One of the negative comments was that the reviewer felt that the shaver was rather expensive, but that comment is now well out of date (this shaver is currently available for 55% off, which makes it an affordable mid-range shaver). Another negative comment was that you can’t fit the charging station into the travel case, however I think this is a bit of an unfair comment. The battery holds a 45 minute charge, which should be more than enough for most travel purposes. I can’t ever remember seeing a shaver travel case that had room for a charging station too, so although I sympathise that it might be handy, I can’t count that against the shaver!
The one downfall that we noticed with this shaver, is that the differences between the 380s and 340s are very minor; the addition of a carry case is very useful, but considering the 380 is around £20 more expensive we don’t think that represents value.
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Since the Braun 380s-4 is almost identical to the 340s-4 which we’d already taken a look at, we were pretty much expecting to see similar feedback; indeed the satisfaction rate with this shaver is very high and the men who bought it seem to praise it very highly. We can’t deny that the 380s is a great shaver, but we’d recommend the Braun 340 instead as it does represent better value for money. The 380s-4 loses a mark for being a fair bit more expensive without adding much extra in terms of feature over the cheaper model. 3 stars.

Braun Series 3 380s-4 Review Summary

The Good
• Great for men with sensitive skin; many men report little irritation after use
• Shaves very well for a variety of stubble types and lengths
• Very quiet in operation
• Long lasting and quick charging battery
• Lightweight and easy to hold
The Bad
• More expensive than the Braun 340s-4 but offers very little in terms of additional features


Braun Series 3 340s-4 Wet and Dry Foil Shaver Review

We’ve been impressed with Braun’s shavers, but they do to be a tad expensive; the Braun Series 3 340s-4 Wet and Dry Foil Shaver is bucking that trend and can be picked up for around £50. We’re going to take a look at the 340s-4 and see if it can stand up to the more expensive Braun shavers, such as the Braun Series 7 790cc even at this mid-range price point.
Braun have been billing this shaver as capable of dealing with 3 days beard growth. So for men who don’t like to shave every day, the Braun Series 3 340s-4 could be just the ticket. We’ll take a look at how the shaver copes with long stubble later.
This shaver has Braun’s Triple Action Cutting System built in. This means that it has twin foils, and a trimmer in-between the foils. Each hair gets trimmer progressively shorter as it passes over these 3 cutters, to give a smooth and close shave.
The Braun Series 3 340s-4 also has a Triple Action Freefloat System; 3 independently moving shaving elements which adapt to every contour of your face, and captures both long and short hairs with every stroke. This means that, as it adapts to the shape of your face, less friction is caused and therefore less skin irritation. As it captures short and long hairs all at once, you’ll be less likely to do multiple strokes across the skin, meaning even less friction and irritation.
The 340s-4 is also fully waterproof. This means that as well as a dry shave, you can also shave using a foam or gel. It also means you that the shaver is very easy to clean; simply rinse under a tap after shaving!
The Braun Series 3 340s-4 has a quick charging battery, which we find is a very popular feature in modern shavers. It takes just 1 hour to give the 304s-4 a full charge, and that charge will last for around 45 minutes of shaving time. This quick charging means that if you do forget to charge the shaver, you can be up and running within 15 minutes.
Also included is a pop-up trimmer, charging stand and a built-in LED battery indicator.
We found that most electric shavers were cheapest at, including the Braun Series 3 340s-4 which is currently available for 50% off.

Braun Series 3 340s-4 Features and Specifications

• Triple Action Cutting System – 3 stage cutting system cuts gentle and close
• Triple Action FreeFloat System – 3 independently moving shaver elements adjust to your face shape, causing less friction and irritation
• Quick charging battery – full charge in 1 hour, gives 45 minute shave time
• Pop out trimmer
• 2 year manufacturers warranty

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Braun Series 3 340s-4 Customer Reviews and Feedback


As a relatively new entry in the electric shaver market, there is not yet a huge amount of feedback available on the 340s-4. However, the customer feedback that is available is overwhelmingly positive. The vast majority of customer reviews are 4 or 5 star reviews, with only a few customers responding with a middling 3 stars. Early signs are very promising, so let’s take a look at what people have been saying.
Many customers mentioned that the Series 3 340s-4 is a well constructed and sturdy shaver. This we expected, as other Braun shavers have proven to be very hard-wearing and strong. This makes them ideal for traveling with, despite the lack of a soft case. Combine the fact that this is a well made shaver, with the 2 year manufacturers warranty, and you’ve got a shaver that’s going to be by your side for years.
The general consensus is that the 340s-4 shaves very well. Lots of customers commented on how happy they were with the closeness of the shave, as well as the gentleness of it. It seems that the 340s is following well in the footsteps of the 390cc and 790cc, both of which shave extremely well and quickly.
Several customers mentioned that they found the 340s-4 nice and gentle on the skin; very few experienced any irritation, and most people seemed to suffer no irritation at all.
Whilst customers were generally slightly disappointed at the lack of a travel case, the package does come with a cover to protect the foils whilst the shaver is being stored, or carried around.
So does the 340s-4 deal with 3 days worth of growth, as Braun suggest? Generally, customers tend to agree that the shaver is perfect for daily use, and also shaves very well with over 2 days growth. However, several did mention that it does struggle with longer hairs. Whether it will work on 3 days growth is really down to how thick your beard is; some men found that it worked fine, some found that it only began to struggle on 4 or 5 days growth, and some men found that 2 days was the maximum length it could cope with. We’d say that shaving with the Braun Series 3 340s-4 every other day would appear to be the shaver’s sweet spot.
There weren’t a huge amount of negative points about this shaver. In fact, the only real negatives were pretty minor ones. Several customers felt that the lack of a travel case was a disappointing omission, however considering the shaver is now available for around £50, we don’t think this is a huge problem. Another minor point, is that the power cord is quite short, meaning that if you don’t have a power outlet in the bathroom wall, it makes it difficult to shave with the shaver plugged in. However, since the shaver operates cordlessly and has a very quick charging battery, we don’t think this is a significant problem either.
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The Braun Series 3 340s-4 isn’t the most advanced shaver on the market. It doesn’t have the most features, gimmicks or accessories. However, it gets it right in the areas that count – shaving, gentleness, and battery life. If you want a well performing shaver, with any unnecessary gimmicks that you won’t use, this shaver is bargain, and very good too. We’re giving it 4 stars, despite its basic nature, and it gets our full recommendation.

Braun Series 3 340s-4 Review Summary

The Good
• Shaves closely
• Gentle on the skin
• Sturdy and reliable
• Works well on over 2 days growth
The Bad
• No carry case, although as the package is only £50 we don’t think this is a big problem
• Short power cord makes it hard to shave while charging, however quick charging battery means that cordless operation is the way to go anyway


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