Welcome to Hair Care Down There™!

  We’re pleased you’re joining the growing number of women (and men) who realize that good grooming includes the previously ignored area “down there.” It’s not just about hygiene either. It’s about feeling good about ourselves and having fun in the process.
Many people have asked me how I came up with this idea. It wasn’t overnight, I can assure you. It started when I innocently asked a size 2 friend how she could wear a thong bikini. She gave much of the credit to Nance Mitchell, a Beverly Hills waxer to the models and stars. One visit to Nance (for info only, honest) piqued my curiosity to say the least. Shortly thereafter, I went to see Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues, then happened to catch a special on Oprah about Eve’s V-Day Fund and their worldwide crusade to end violence against women.
I was inspired to develop my own business, built by women for women, one that would be both innovative and fun. After two years of research, a frustrating attempt to sell a book on the subject, lots of reaction from friends and strangers, plenty of laughs and an idea that grew out of a need…Hair Care Down There™ was born.
Thanks to a talented, dedicated team of people who believed in this crazy idea, Hair Care Down There™ is proud to present products dedicated to women everywhere. You’ll read all about them on this site and we hope you love the concept as much as we do.

    Enjoy, be adventurous and stay in touch!
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