How To Cut Your Own Hair at Home With Hair Clipper (for men)?

Cutting your hair at home can be beneficial if you want to save some extra money or time by not going to the salon or the barbershop as often. It can also be efficient to freshen up your haircut at home if you just want to make it look cleaner for a specific event or whatever reason. Cutting your hair at home has its pros and cones. We’ve already talked about the benefits but what about the cons? Probably the major negative of cutting your hair at home is that it has a learning curve and the first few times when cutting your hair you might not have the best haircut but eventually you are gonna learn and give yourself the haircut you want.

You’ve decided to cut your hair at home but before you do anything, realise that you shouldn’t rush with this process. After all, we want the best haircut possible. Now let’s look at the tools you’ll need. Depending on the desired hairstyle, the tools you use may vary. Of course, you need to have a best hair clipper with a few attachments. Then you’ll possibly need a comb and scissors and another thing you are definitely going to need is a handheld mirror.

How To Cut Your Own Hair

The first step is to part your hair. Meaning to separate the top from the sides by wetting the hair a little bit and distinguishing with the comb. Next, you need to put the longest attachment on your clippers and start fading the sides. The technique you wanna use when fading your sides is to go up and out. This gives you a more natural fading and it doesn’t look choppy. Of course, it depends on how much you want to be taken off but this is the general rule you wanna follow.

The next step of the process is cutting the back which is a kind of a tricky part to deal with but this when the handheld mirror comes into play. So you wanna turn your back towards the mirror in your bathroom and by holding the handheld mirror you can actually see what you are cutting. And the technique we talked about earlier still applies when fading the back. Then you have to put the next longest attachment on your clipper and again you are gonna fade but this time you are not gonna go as high as you did the last time. Now we are going to switch attachments and this time we are gonna put the next longest attachment compared to the last one we used and we’ll start with the fading but this time we are only fading the lower part of our temples and the lower part of the back.

You are pretty much done with the sides.

It’s up to you if you want to mess with the top of your hair but the way you are gonna do that is to comb the hair upwards and from there deciding on how much you want to be taken off. If your hair is shorter just throw one of the attachments and buzz it. And the last step of our haircut is the cleaning around the neck. Just remove the attachments and create clean lines around your neck, ears and sideburns. Again it might be tricky edging the back so I would recommend asking someone for help or if you are feeling brave do it yourself. And you are pretty much done.

Cutting your hair at home with clippers can be a difficult process if you’ve never done it before. But with anything in life, it takes practice. The more you practice the better you are gonna get. You might’ve got tired of going to the barbershop or salon to get that fresh haircut and paying the money you can do better things with. That’s why cutting your hair at home might be something worth considering or at least giving a try.

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