Philips PowerTouch Plus PT870cc with Clean and Charge System Review

We’re taking a look at another shaver in Philips’ new PowerTouch range today, the Philips PowerTouch PT870cc electric shaver. This shaver is almost the same as the excellent PowerTouch Pro PT920 that we recently reviewed, with the addition of a “Clean and Charge System” which is a docking station that self-cleans and chargers the shaver at the touch of a button.
Given that we were impressed with the PT920 we have high hopes for the PT870cc, so without further ado let’s take a look at what it’s got to offer.
The PowerTouch Plus PT870cc has ultra-thin shaver heads with DualPrecision cutting. This means that each head incorporates slots to capture long hairs and cut them, and also smaller holes which take care of shorter stubble. This combination is intended to make sure that all hairs on the face are captures and fed into the blades.
Included in the PT870cc is Philips’ patented Super Lift and Cut system. As we’ve covered in previous reviews, this means that each shaver head has twin blades. The first blade lifts each hair gently from the skin to ensure that the second blade, which cuts, shaves as close as possible. Generally, customers have spoken very highly of the closeness of the shave they get with Philips shavers, so it’s an effective feature that is certainly a welcome addition in the PT870cc.
Also included is Philips’ SmartPivot technology. This means that the heads are able to flex and swivel through a full range of motion. As you pass the shaver across your face, the idea is that the heads yield and adjust to the shape and contours of the face. The result is maximum contact between the shaver heads and your skin, giving a faster shave and eliminating the need to cover the same area twice. Another benefit of this is a reduction in friction, which means less chance of experiencing skin problems after shaving.
As mentioned, the charging station for the Philips PowerTouch Plus PT870cc doubles as a self-cleaning system. After shaving, simply drop the shaver into the station. Then, at the touch of a button, the shaver will be washed, dried, lubricated and charged automatically. A special Philips cleaning solution is required, which costs roughy £5 per bottle. The head is also waterproof, and can therefore be cleaned by running under a tap too, if that is what you prefer.
Finally, as with other PowerTouch shavers, the PT870cc has an advanced long life battery, with a multi-purpose display. It’s quick charging, which means that the shaver can be given a full charge in around 1 hour. A full charge provides around 50 minutes shave time. If you’re short on time, it also has a quick charging feature which means you can get enough power for a full shave with just 5 minutes of charge time.
We found that most shavers were cheapest at, including the PowerTouch PT870cc which is currently available for 46% off.

Philips PowerTouch Plus PT870cc Features and Specification

Ultra-thin shaver heads with slots and holes to capture different hair types
• Super Lift and Cut technology – dual-blades for closer shaving
• SmartPivot technology – Flexible shaver heads follow facial contours and reduce shaving time, friction and skin irritation
• Clean and Charge System – cleans, dries, lubricates and charges the shaver automatically at the touch of a button
• Quick charging battery – 1 hour charge gives 50 minutes of battery life

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PowerTouch PT870cc vs PT920

As we mentioned, the PT870cc is almost exactly the same as the PT920 that we reviewed previous. So what are the differences?
The most obvious change is the inclusion of the Clean and Charge docking station which comes with the PT870cc. This is not included with the PT920, so if you want this feature you must go with the PT870cc. Of course, this feature does come at a premium though, so you’ll need to spend around £30 extra.
The shaver itself is very similar in both operation and design to the PT920, however there are some key differences which are worth bearing in mind.
First, the battery of the PT920 holds an extra 10 minutes charge, so on a full charge will provide a full hour’s shaving time (as opposed to the 50 minutes offered by the PT870cc). This isn’t a huge difference, but it does mean that you’ll get an extra shave out of the PT920 before the battery runs out, which could make it a better choice than the PT870cc for men who travel often.
Another difference is that the PT870cc lacks the additional track of the triple track PT920. This means that the PT920 has 50% more shaving surface than the PT870cc and therefore can provide you with a faster shave, as it tackles more facial hairs at a time.

Philips PowerTouch PT870cc Customer Feedback and Reviews

The PT870cc is a very new addition to the Philips electric shaver range, and as such there is not a huge amount of customer feedback available as yet. However, the feedback that is available is extremely positive. Given that the PT870cc is almost the same as the PT920, you can factor the excellent feedback for that shaver into the equation as well.
Of the feedback that is available, it’s almost all positive. All customers who’d gave feedback about the PT870cc agreed that it gives an excellent close shave, leaving the skin feeling smooth.
As we expected, customers also appreciated the Lithium battery, and were very impressed with the battery life. The quick charging was appreciated too (as we’ve found before, people who forget to charge the battery love the 5 minute quick-charge feature).
The only negative that we found was regarding the Clean and Charge system. Whilst customers found that it worked very well, and left the shaver very clean, it was mentioned on a number of occasions that the instructions for setting it up were not very easy to understand. Also, if it is tipped or moved upside down the cleaning solution can leak out of the unit.
46% Off at
As we’d expected, due to its similarity with the PT920, the Philips PowerTouch Plus PT870cc is a great performing shaver with an excellent battery life. We have absolutely no problem recommending this shaver, but before you buy it, you should ask yourself whether you foresee actually using the automatic cleaning system. If automatic cleaning is important to you, then go ahead; we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. If, however, you feel you’d be happy to simply run your shaver under the tap to clean, we’d recommend that you give the PT870cc a miss and go with the PowerTouch Pro PT920 (which also identical, if slightly more advanced, without the Clean and Charge system). That said, the PT870cc is a solid shaver and the Clean and Charge system genuinely useful to most people; 4 stars.

Philips PowerTouch Plus PT870cc Review Summary

The Good
• Gives an excellent, close shave
• Very good battery life
• Very quick charging (1 hour charge gives 50 minutes battery life)
• Quick charge feature (5 minute charge gives enough power for a single shave)
• Clean and Charge system works well, leaving the shaver shiny and clean
The Bad
• Instructions for Clean and Charge system a bit unclear, however once set up is very easy to run
• Cleaning solution needs to be bought separately, but is available for just £5


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