Philips PowerTouch vs AquaTouch – Which Is Best?

Philips recently overhauled their entire range of electric shavers, introducing several new products lines including the PowerTouch and AquaTouch ranges. The PowerTouch PT920 and AquaTouch AT890 quickly flew off the shelves, and they are currently the two top selling selling electric shavers in the UK. People often ask for advice about which of these models they should buy, and in this article we’ll take a look at both to see if we can figure out which shaver is better.

The Obvious Difference

The first thing that you should note, is the obvious difference between these models. While the PowerTouch Pro PT920 is a dry shaver, the AquaTouch is fully waterproof and can provide either a dry shave, or a wet shave using your favorite foam or gel.

So is there much of a difference between a wet and a dry shave? The answer is, not in terms of the closeness of the shave (that’s all about the shaver technology). However, most men do have a preference. Some find that wet shaving reduces the amount of skin irritation that occurs, whilst others find that a dry shave simply leaves their skin feeling dry. It really comes down to personal preference, so you’ll know from experience whether wet shaving or dry shaving is preferable to yourself.

Battery Life

One of the most important features of modern shavers, is the ability to shave wirelessly by powering the shaver with a rechargeable battery. This is a great feature for those of us who don’t have a power outlet in the bathroom, and especially for men who travel frequently.

The batteries of the PT920 and AT890 are very similar. Both take just 1 hour to charge to full capacity. Even more handy, is the fact that both models also have a 3 minute quick charging feature. This means that if the battery is dead, you can charge it just enough for one full shaver within 3 minutes. As any man who’s found their shaver battery dead just before an important meeting can attest to, this feature could well be a life-saver.

In terms of battery capacity the PowerTouch PT920 has a slight advantage, offering 60 minutes battery life compared to the 50 minutes that you’ll get out of the AT890. It’s only a small difference, but does mean that the PT920 can give you an extra shave which could be handy for men who do a lot of traveling; every little helps in that situation!

Shaving Technology in The PowerTouch PT920

When it comes to shaving, the Powertouch Pro PT920 is generally more advanced than the Aquatouch.

One of the major advantages of the PT920 is the fact that it is triple-track. This gives the shaver around 50% more shaving surface, allowing it to cover more of the skin and capture more hairs with each stroke. Ultimately this means that you’ll need to spend less time shaving, as the shaver will catch more hairs each time. This is a major advantage that the PT920 has over the Aquatouch.

Another thing that the PT920 has that is lacking in the Aquatouch, is its SmartPivot technology. The heads don’t just flex in and out, but they also pivot about the base. This allows the shaver head to follow the contours of your skin more precisely, thus reducing friction. Less friction means less skin irritation.

The PT920 also comes with a charging stand, and a travel pouch.

Shaving Technology in the Aquatouch AT890

Apart from the fact that it is fully waterproof, the Aquatouch is quite a bit simpler than the excellent PT920. In fact, the PT920’s shaving technology beats it hands down; the Aquatouch has little to offer in terms of shaving over the PT920.

One notable difference is its skin protection system, which is simple caps which cover the shaving foils in order to protect the skin from getting cut by the blades.

As we’ve mention, the Aquatouch is fully waterproof meaning that it can be used in the shower and it can also provide a wet shave with a foam or gel. The PowerTouch is only a dry shaver, in comparison.

Instead of a travel pouch, the Aquatouch comes with a shower hanging pouch (which you could also use for traveling (although it’s not as padded and protected as the dedicated travel pouch that comes with the PowerTouch).

The major advantage that the AquaTouch has over the PowerTouch is it’s price. It’s quite a bit cheaper, so if you’re on a budget then the AT890 will probably represent much better value to you than the PT920.

Similarities: What The PowerTouch and AquaTouch Have In Common

First off, both of these shavers incorporate Philips excellent Super Lift and Cut technology. This means that there are two blades within each shaver head. The job of the first blade is to lift your hair, so that the second blade can cut it as close to the skin as possible. Philips shavers that use this technology have a wonderful record of providing a very close shave, so it’s a more than welcome addition in the PowerTouch and AquaTouch ranges.

As already mentioned, both the PT920 and AT890 have similar batteries. Both are fully chargeable within just 1 hour, and both have a 3 minute quick charge feature which will give you enough battery charge for one full shave in just 3 minutes.

Both models come with a pop-out precision trimmer from trimmer sideburns and mustache. Whilst this might seems like a standard feature, you’d be surprised about the number of shavers on the market that neglect this simple but essential tool; gladly it’s present on both models.

Being fully waterproof the AT890 can easily be cleaned by rinsing it under the tap. Even though you can have a wet shave with it, the PT920 also offers this feature too. This means that both of the shavers are very easy to clean after you’ve finished shaving.

Philips provide a 2 year warranty as standard on both of these shavers, meaning that you’re covered for parts and labour (excluding accidental damage of course) for 24 months after purchase.

Should You Go For? The PowerTouch or the AquaTouch?

Simply put, due to its advanced shaving technology, my preference is for the PowerTouuch PT920 by quite a long way.

There are a couple of caveats to this conclusion, however. If you’re on a budget, and saving money is important to you, then you should go for the AquaTouch as it’s quite a bit cheaper. With Philips excellent Super Lift and Cut technology built in, you’ll still get a great shave at a more affordable price.

Second, if you’re the kind of guy that likes to have a wet shave then the choice is very easy for you; the AquaTouch.

If neither of these apply to you, then I’d say the PowerTouch wins hands down. It’s a fantastic shaver, and is currently available for about 50% online!


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